Font in xib changing on different computers

I have a application that I distributed to others. Problem is that I set a lot of the labels in a font that they don’t have and it is swapping to a different font when they run the application. I know I could probably send them the font and all would be well, but is there another way to embed the font or outline all the text in the nib file to prevent this issue?



the easiest solution is to avoid custom fonts. :wink:
You could use graphics (NSImageView) instead of NSTextField

Hmmm. maybe put the font in the resources directory of your app, and have a routine run at startup that installs the font as needed if it is not already installed? Of course, if the font licence permits that.

The only possible problem would be to restart the app to make sure it uses the font, it may not be loaded in time once installed.

Or, alternatively, you could use PackageMaker to install the font first and then install your app second… this would solve it.

Browser: Safari 531.9
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)