Font information metadata etc..

Hi I have been asked to create an applescript which will list out the font info i.e. foundary etc… the metadata info of some fonts within a folder into a text file.

I have found lots of other examples including usage of extensis suitcase, font book.
However we use Fontexplorer X pro so its a no go using that unfortunately… is there something else i can do to gather the info using the OS.

Any help appreciated.


Ok i dont think this is possible without the help of Fontbook or a similar font app…
So i am importing the fonts into fontbook as a collection and trying to get the information from that collection that way…
Then im hoping to delete the fonts and collection once i have gathered the data.

Im still working on it… but hopefully might have something…

But if anyone can help id appreciate it… thanks Rob


I’m sorry that I can’t help you any better than google can with metadata on fonts, but when you google, also try to google for stuff that converts between X11 fonts and OS X, it is reasonably that such utilities will provide more metadata than others. Also have a look at the utilities for fonts at

Hopes this brings you somewhat closer. :confused:

There are cocoa classes which can read font info so you could use ASOC to do some of that.

Hi All

I spent ages trying mixes of Automator and applescript… getting annoyed with the limitations of both… i couldn’t get the fontbook ‘get font info’ in automator to work correctly.

Thanks to McUsrII and SuperMacGuy for your suggestions.

So I looked again at Font Explorer and discovered the ability to print/pdf the font details directly.
Ok its not like running a quick applescript application… but its probably quicker than importing then listing then deleting from Font Book.