font panel and text field

I have some text in a text field. I would like the user to be able to change the font, size, and color etc. of the text in the text field. I don’t want the change to affect just the highlighted text, but the whole text field. I can’t find how to get the font panel to come forward and have it affect the specific text field. Any ideas?

OK, I found this which lets me connect up the font menu. Then I can select text in the text field and change it.

But what I would like is to have the font panel directly connected to the text field and nothing else, such that when something is changed in the font panel all of the text in the text field changes without having to select anything in the text field first.

And one other thing I would want is for these font/color settings to be remembered so at next launch the settings are restored to the text field.

I know this can be done using the user defaults (and I’m trying but with no luck so far) and such but I’m just not good connecting things in interface builder, so a little help or tutorial would be great.

OK I solved my situation. It turns out that if you do not make your text field Rich Text capable under the attributes in IB then changing the font or text color changes all of the text instead of just the selected text… which is what I want. Then in order to make the font panel affect the text field was easy. I just made the text field the first responder of the window, thus changing something in the font panel immediately changes the text field. Lastly I hard coded saving the text field font/color properties so that takes care of all my wishes although it would have been nice to wire that up in IB but alas it was easier for me to just hard code it. Someday I’ll get the hang of the wiring.