Fonts not retained on different computer

Hopefully there is an easy solution to this. I made a window with some text fields and used Arial and Arial Black for the text. It looks fine on the machine I used to build it, but if I take the app to a different machine, everything comes up in Lucinda Grande (I think) and the formatting is all messed up as a result. What’s the fix for this? Do I need to attach those fonts to the app somehow. The machine that is not displaying the window properly DOES have those fonts in the Library Fonts folder. Thanks so much.


Anyone have an idea? I installed XCode and copied the project over to the other machine and it also came up in the wrong font, even in Interface Builder. After changing everything back to Arial in IB, it looks right, and the app looks good on that machine, but this doesn’t make sense to me. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn’t the fonts be saved in IB? Thanks for any help. :slight_smile: