Fooling with NSCursor?

I have several mouse-related questions:

  1. How can you get the position of the mouse in reference to the current window? (ie the upper left corner of the window returns {0,0}, not where it is on your monitor.)

  2. Even better, is there a way to check to see if your mouse is on top of an object? Not clicked down, but just… hovering over it?

  3. Is there a way to see if the mouse is clicked at any time?

  4. Is there an easy way to replace the cursor? Preferably with an image of choice, not a preset one. Can it animate?

  5. Somewhat unrelated to the mouse, but is there a way to stop the user from “holding” down a button? So they can click once, and they can’t keep the button down?

I assume most of these require Cocoa answers, but AppleScript is preferred. :wink:

Thanks in advance.