Forcing a dialog to be assigned to current script

I’m trying to get a dialog box to be associated with the current applescript application. The script previously had activated the finder, but I don’t want the dialog associated with the Finder so that the user can switch to the Finder to check things out before answering the dialog question if need be.

What I’ve tried so far (and several variations on this theme)

tell application (me)
display dialog "Some text here"
end tell

I can do it if I specifically put in the name of the script into the code, but I can’t guarantee the user won’t rename the app - is there a way to get Applescript to do something like “tell application me”? I’ve tried a few variations on that theme and get errors where the word «script» is placed where I would think the app name should go.

I’m sure this is something simple I’m missing, but can’t seem to find it. Can anyone help?

Shouldn’t it be just “tell me”?

Yeah, that. As usual, I was trying to make it too hard…

Thank You