format text input as password

The new challenge for today.

I am making an applescript Xcode app to log in to a list of servers.
I have that working fine but need to have the password field not show the text.

How do I have text entered into a text box not show as text but as dots or some character.
I am sure it is a formatting issue but can’t find it.

Also : once entered how to I get Xcode to remember the password for the next time it is run?

Being a beginner is painful :slight_smile:


Model: 10.9.5 OSX on new iMac
AppleScript: Script DeBugger 5.0.9
Browser: Safari 537.85.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)


use NSSecureTextField instead of NSTextField

You could save the password in the keychain.
There are some ObjC wrappers for the Security Framework regarding keychain access

Thank you Stefan.
Again I am in your debt.

This is great information and I will give it a try.

the Learning curve for Xcode is a bit steep.


OK now I feel stupid !

I just looked:
The Secure Text box was right there all the time.

DUH !!

I guess you just can’t see as well when you get old :slight_smile: