Formatting a date string in Studio -

Hi everyone - Happy Holidays!

I wrote a quick little ASS app that has two NSTextFields driven by an AppleScript to compute the days between two dates.

The dates by default are showing up as the long form, and I want to use an NSDateFormatter instance to format these NSTextFields into short (mm/dd/yyyy) format. I can instantiate an NSDateFormatter in Interface Builder, but I am stuck on how to connect it to the NSTextFields such that it will format them.

Can anyone help? Thanks a bunch.

You should be able to just drag the formatter into the text field. You can then use the formatting palette (select field and then hit command-9) to alter the date’s appearance.

I tried it out here if you want to see a working example:


Thanks Colin,

I see what your example has, but maybe my IB is screwed up because the only formatter I have in the palette is the one for DVD times (the “MSFFormatter”).

I see where your text fields show the formatter when selected. Which palette object did you drag onto the text field?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it! Old age again!! Thanks a million.