Formatting display dialog boxes

Is it possible to format a display dialog box in applescript, or even the text in it?

maybe like

display dialog “hey” with properties blah blah blah

Any help would be aweosme


if you look at the dictionary for standard additions you will find the all the options for display dialog :smiley:


I remember this helpful thread, but a search will show more. And there is display alert, which I didn’t know about for quite a while.

Some examples, just thrown together quickly (could be better):

set theAnswer to text returned of (display dialog "Does this help" default answer "" with title "Dialog Example" with icon (path to resource "GenericQuestionMarkIcon.icns" in bundle ((path to library folder from system domain as string) & "CoreServices:CoreTypes.bundle") as alias) giving up after 30 with hidden answer)

display alert "Important message" message "Message details" 

display dialog space & space & space & space & "Hello world" & return & return & "Is there anybody out there?" & return & return & "                ...anybody?"--yes, I did spaces 2 ways