Forum search not working

I keep trying to search this forum for a previous thread that I started. Unfortunately search by author doesn’t seem to be working any more on my computer. :frowning: If anyone has a chance, could you point me to my thread? I think the subject was “newbie - very basic script” or something like that.

The search feature appears to be working because it found this topic, and only this topic, when I searched for “Phyllis”. After a recent server problem, the forum was restored from a backup which was not 100% up to date. It’s possible that some posts were lost.

– Rob

Weird! When I search it tells me it finds 2 of 2 results but then doesn’t display the links. So maybe that data’s just gone though.

What I was looking for was the StuffIt file you once sent me containing an applescript. Any chance you could attach another one? Doesn’t really matter what the script is. I’m now testing to see if I can get a PC to expand a SIT file and preserve the resource forks on Mac files inside it. I’ve got an older version of StuffIt for the PC which supposedly does that, but I haven’t been able to test it yet.

Thanks, Phyllis

If you simply want to download a .sit file, you can find hundreds of them at ScriptBuilders. Just click on the size (in the size column) of the script that you wish to download.

– Rob

Even some of the ScriptBuilders pages seem to be quite old ones -the ScriptTools front page, for instance. I was waiting a few days before complaining to Ray in case he was working on it.


I don’t know what was affected by the server outage but it’s possible that the entire site has been restored from backup. If so, it’s likely that some parts of the site will require manual updating, meaning that some things will be overlooked or forgotten. I’m sure that Ray will appreciate it if we offer feedback when we encounter something that needs his attention. :slight_smile:

– Rob