Frameworks in Xcode?

Hey all,
I have found some really cool free frameworks :smiley:
but i dont know how to use them in my application :frowning:

I know how to import them and everything but still after i have done that i cant use the "class"es defined in the framework :mad:

(PS anyone know of a framework or technique of making a totally transparent window :wink: )

You’ll need to be more detailed in what you’re doing, what you expect to happen, and what actually happens. If we don’t know how you’re attempting to add and link to the frameworks, as well as how you’re attempting to use the functionality provided by them, we can’t help you.

Edit: We also don’t know what frameworks you’re trying to use. Might help.

NSWindow is perfectly capable of this already. Search the cocoa-dev archives for this, as it’s a common question.


Ok :slight_smile:
I downloaded the Shiira’s HUD framework “HMBlkAppKit” ( I installed the framework in my HD/Library/Frameworks, in my ASStudio application i right clicked the folder name “Frameworks” then from the contexual menu i selected Add/existing framework/ and browsed to HD/Library/Frameworks and selected the Shiira framework named “HMBlkAppKit”. After doing that i should be able to go into Interface builder then select my window go Custom Class (from the inspector), NSwindow will be selected and there should have also been another one (forgotten the name :frowning: ) then, i should have just been able to select that class and then POOF! i have a HUD window :lol:

:mad: But, unfortunately that didnt work.
Hope you can help me now! :wink:

Thanks for those links they gave me exactly what i wanted! :smiley: :smiley:

But any luck with Framework adding? :expressionless:

Did you read the appropriate header files into the nib? If IB doesn’t know about the custom classes, it isn’t going to give you the option of using them. If the kit ships with an IBPalette, that should also be added.