From Applescript Studio to the Windows World


I’ve developed a small app in AS Studio and quite honestly, 80% of the visitors going to my site are Windows users and obviously, they cannot use a Mac OS program. Just a general question and pardon the over generalized nature - would the development of a Windows version be the same as it would for any new Windows program. Can any part of AS Studio be cross-implemented to Windows?

The program uses Applescripts and built in Xcode. I’d appreciate your thoughts.


as the AppleScript.component is a part of the OS, AppleScript applications (and also compiled scripts) can never run on windows machines

I would say that porting your app to Windows would be a very major undertaking. I don’t think that any part of your script would directly make it to a Windoze app. Perhaps you can use some images or UI elements you built. Maybe the major concepts behind it would. But you would have to learn a whole new environment and language- be it VisualBasic, Java, C, C++ or whatever Windoze apps are developed in. I’d also say that moving your app to Cocoa/Objective-C is a similar situation- you’re gonna have to learn a new programming language.