From BibDesk to Evernote


I would like to move some information from BibDesk to evernote. I would like to realize the follwing workflow:

  • based on the cite key of an entries in Bibdesk a new note should be created in evernote with the same name as the cite key
  • copy a minimal BibTeX record to this note
  • copy the content of the annote field

Could this be done with AppleScript or in some other way? :confused:

Thank you in advance!


Bibdesk is a great app! I suggest you look at the Bibdesk and Evernote Sites/Mailinglists, to see if there is something to start with there.

I already tried it on the Mailinglist with BibDesk but there was no response. So I would be very happy, if a good approach to the question could be found here.


As I need some stuff for Bibdesk, I’ll come back to you at my leisure, which will be in a couple of days, as I am busy for the moment.

I know there are a lot of scripts for Bibdesk, that you can look at, and that do partly what you want.

I have no clue what so ever about evernote.


I leave it up to you to find references to scripts for Evernote, as I don’t have it, and really don’t intend to get it.

The turns out to be really nice to script. It is made by the home team! :slight_smile: The Dictionay. Ahhh!

You just tell me what kind of data you want to export from Bibdesk, and I’ll see if I can’t provide you with some handlers to accomplish the task. Maybe somebody else can help you here with Evernote, if nothing turns up if you search thoroughly for script that imports data into Evernote. I’d like you to post references (links), for those and we’ll see what we can do, after you have specified exactly what data and what fields you’d like to export from BibDesk.

Thank you in advance…

From a selected entry in BibDesk, I would need the following:

  • cite key
  • content from the abstract field
  • content from the annote field

Then creating a note (named after the cite key) on a pre-selected notebook and copy that content.

For the first shoot, this should do it.

This could be helpful:



Try this, I don’t know anything about Evernote. So I have collated the fields you wanted onto the clipboard, so you can paste it into a new note of Evernote. :slight_smile:

local failed, selPub, e, n, annot, citeK, theAbstract
set {failed, pubData} to {false, {}}
tell application "BibDesk"
		set selPub to selection of document 1
		set selPub to first item of selPub -- as publication
		set annot to value of field "Annote" of selPub
		set citeK to cite key of selPub
		set theAbstract to abstract of selPub
	on error e number n
		set failed to true
	end try
end tell

if failed then
	local cr, sep
	-- Chris Stone
	set {cr, sep} to {return, "------------------------------------------"}
	set theMessage to sep & cr & "Error: " & e & cr & sep & cr & "Error 
Number: " & n & cr & sep
	# move the dialog up here if you find it annoying
	set the clipboard to "Cite Key: " & return & citeK & return & "Abstract:" & return & theAbstract & return & "Annotations: " & return & annot
	set theMessage to "The Data from the currently selected publication in BibDesk is ready to be pasted into Evernote"
	#	beep 2 # uncomment this if you find the dialog annoying, and moves it.
end if

tell application "SystemUIServer"
		display dialog theMessage with title "BibDesk Scraping" buttons {"Ok"} default button 1
	end try
end tell