front row display script? help needed


ive been trying to compile a script (very badly) that i can use in salling clicker to switch the default screen to the HDTV so when i use front row it displays on the HDTV not the imac
now i thought this would have been quite simple but it turns out the display prefs pane is not scriptable??
with a bit more googling i found this app

now this does what i want it to do, but to launch app i still need to get up, go to imac and launch it manually (a great hardship i know ;-))
so now ive been trying to compile a script that launches this app from salling clicker but it has root privilages and for some reason i can launch say mail or safari from terminal but not this app(TV Row)
can anyone help me get thru this?


Model: imac intel duo late 2007 model
Browser: Safari 525.20
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)