FTP alternatives for files with resource forks

I am building a script for customers to upload files to our UNIX server via FTP. I have seen several arguments here against using Fetch or other programs for FTP and using the OS resources instead. The only problem with this is that we get a lot of resource fork style fonts. Uploads are going to a UNIX server. Fetch and other programs give us the opportunity to use MacBinary or AppleDouble/Single to encode the fonts to maintain the resource forks which our server software then decodes into a format that it understands.

I know there is an app in the Developer Tools that can encode files. The problem is, many of our customers won’t have the Developer Tools installed. I think it also only does Apple Double and I’d rather stick with a single file format.

If there’s a way, it would be nice to avoid having to rely on third party software to pull this off. Is there something that I can imbed as a resource in an AppleScript Studio application or another way around the quandary?




You may pack the file in a “.zip” archive so what you will transmit will be a “datafork only” file.
Unzipping it, the user wil get back the original file with its resourceFork.

Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 16 juillet 2007 10:30:20)

Quite some time ago now, John Maisey posted this zipper:

fileZipper(choose folder) -- or choose file

-- File Zipper -- John Maisey -- 25 Jan 2005
on fileZipper(myFile)
	if (myFile as text) ends with ":" then set myFile to (text items 1 thru -2 of (myFile as text)) as text
	set zipFile to (myFile & ".zip") as text
	do shell script "/usr/bin/ditto -c -k -rsrc --keepParent " & (quoted form of (POSIX path of myFile)) & " " & (quoted form of (POSIX path of zipFile))
	return zipFile
end fileZipper