FTP Droplet Without the Dependancy on a Purchased Product Available?

(this applies to OS 10.4.3)

I am looking for a droplet that uploads file(s) or folders/files to my webserver. I came across this link in a Google search:


At this location, there is a link to an AppleScript called FTP Droplet, but for reasons I can’t understand yet, the software works sometimes and does not others. I have reviewed the log file, output just the ftp script to the display with nothing obvious as to why it is working sporadically.

Assistance with a replacement droplet or troubleshooting with this one is appreciated.

What happens when it doesn’t work? What’s the log file say?

Here is a ready-to-go script (you may create the droplet yourself, though):

Re: the question of the what the output of the log file is when the droplet does NOT work, actually there is no output. When it does work, I get a bit of lines of text (sorry, working on a different machine and don’t have examples to share). Something like ‘EPSV not understood.’ or one other additional line. Not much.

jj - Thanks for pointing me to the ftp code. I will try it.