FTP Fandango


I am wanting to write a droplet that I can drop a .mov file onto, and it will connect to a preset ftp server, goto the correct folder, and put that .mov file into that remote folder overwriting anything that may have the same name as it. HOW DO I DO IT???

Thank you for any help that you can offer,

Depends on what application you’re using ?

Jean-baptiste LE STANG

I would like it to not be dependent on any other programs, just using the finder, if possible. I have figured out how to make it mount an ftp server like a harddrive, but I can’t make it go to it and open the correct folder…

Anyway, if anyone has insight, or a script that already does this, please let me know.


you should be able to copy a file from a folder to an other using something like :

duplicate thisFile to thisFolder

Jean-Batiste LE STANG[/b]

The Finder can mount and only READ ftp servers. It currently cannot delete or upload files on the server, no matter what password you used. I’d recommend using the command-line tool curl. URL Access Scripting may also work, but I’ve come to distrust it. One problem I have with URLAS is that the ability to POST forms has been broken for a year and a half on OS X, while they still have it listed in its dictionary.