How do I get OS X 10.3 to FTP a folder/files?
Any help would be appreciated.


You can use the curl command, either from the command line (terminal) or by scripting it into an applescript or applescript studio application. Check out the official curl website at: [url=http://curl.haxx.se/]http://curl.haxx.se/[/url]. I find their man page, manual, and tutorial pages to all be quite useful references.

You can also of course look into some of the applications available on the internet. Some of them are shareware or freeware, but most you’ll end up spending $$ on.

If you need actual help with something, it would be nice to have a little more information about what exactly you are trying to do. “FTP-ing” could mean a lot of things. We could provide working examples if you were more specific with your requests.


Thank you for responding to the post.

I’m trying to create an Applescript so that at a certian time (using Cron) a folder (which changes it’s name) will upload to a certain FTP server. That’s about it.

thanx agian.