full screen or background?

is there any way to make a black or other colored background with a window in front, or make the interface run full screen?

As far as I know, applescript can not run full screen. You may be able to add obj-c to the app and do it, but even that seems unlikely. I’d think that you’d have to turn over graphics control to the app entirely and add lots of rendering code to the app to make it be able to control the entire screen, including the menu bar area. I’m not sure you have the ability to control graphics with applescript at that involved of a level.

A way to do psuedo-“full-screen” would be to get the screen res and then set the size of the window to it. I’ve been looking around and not found any ‘pure’ applescript way of getting the screen res, but once you found a way, you could use the bounds property to make your window entirely fit the screen, something like…

tell window "theWindow"
  set bounds to {0,0,1024,768}
end tell

This is untested code, but shows the concept. You could make that your main window, or use it as a background for other windows. To get the window background to be black or colored, I think the easiest way would be to put an image view in behind all of your other content with an image in it that’s the color you want.


Don’t know if this works or if it’s what you’re looking for, but it looks promising…

thanks, that works beautifully