fun terminal games

Well this isn’t exactly Applescript but here’s a fun little tip, probably a few of you know.

  1. Open Terminal and paste this in and hit return
  1. A list should come up with a bunch of text based games you can play. Once you’ve decided which one to play type this in and hit return

3)Press esc+x simultaneously . Then type in the name of the game you want to play. You do not have to add the extension. say you want to play pong? just type pong and hit return. Enjoy!

On my machine it is not possible to hit escape and x simultaneously, so I never get to see a game.

oh:( thats too bad

try this though, its pretty awesome

just type it in hit return and enjoy Stars Wars Episode 4 in asciimation :smiley:

Imagine the work in putting that together.

No kidding, that would have been one time consuming and painful job, all for an easter egg :wink:

Simultaneity is not necessary. Pressing and releasing ESC then pressing and releasing x should bring up the M-x “prompt” that lets one enter the name of one of the games (or any other interactive function available in the active Emacs image).

Or check the “Use option key as meta key” checkbox in the “Keyboard” section of the “Window Settings.” inspector a window. Then press Option-x (⌥X) instead of “ESC, then x”.

Also, there is at least one C library for rendering graphics to ASCII.

when I do that it says


you’re right, it’s awesome.

I’m running Leopard, if that’s a problem.