"Fuse" iCal Calendars

Hi everyone,

I have several iCal calendars which are now part of a collective group called “School.” In there I have all sorts of other calendars for each subject. I now want to fuse all the calendars of the group into one calendar. Is that possible in any way?



Hi Max,

this script moves all events and todos from one calender to another
even with german prompts :wink:

tell application "iCal"
	set sourceCal to my choose_calendar("Quellkalender auswählen", "")
	set destinationCal to my choose_calendar("Zielkalender auswählen", sourceCal)
	move events of calendar sourceCal to end of events of calendar destinationCal
	move todos of calendar sourceCal to end of todos of calendar destinationCal
end tell

on choose_calendar(p, s)
	tell application "iCal" to choose from list (get name of calendars whose name is not s) with prompt p
	tell result
		if it is false then error number -128
		return item 1
	end tell
end choose_calendar

Thank you Stefan. Worked perfectly. :smiley: