This script lets you vote and keep tabs on the action! (what do you mean you’ve never heard of GameFaqs and their yearly battle to the death of video game characters old and new?) Anyways, this script extracts the poll from the page, lets you vote and submit an html form with curl (-d name=val) and presents the results… as long as the poll only has two options display dialog works well. Mostly though this demonstrates curl’s -d… and let’s you cheer on your contender! Go Crono!!

OS version: OS X

property lastChecked : missing value


on todaysPoll()
	set pollId to do shell script (pollHTML() & getPollNumber())
	set today to day of (current date)
	if (today is not equal to lastChecked) then
		set contenders to words of (do shell script (pollHTML() & getContenders()))
		set rocky to button returned of (display dialog "Who's it gonna be?" buttons (contenders & "View Results"))
		if rocky is "View Results" then
			set results to words of (do shell script (viewResults(pollId) & parseResults()))
			if rocky is the first item of contenders then
				set contenderId to 1
				set contenderId to 2
			end if
			log contenderId
			set results to words of (do shell script (viewResults(pollId) & parseResults()))
		end if
		set results to words of (do shell script (viewResults(pollId) & parseResults()))
	end if
	set results to stitchResults(results)
	display dialog results
end todaysPoll

on pollHTML()
	"curl '' | grep -A5 \"/poll/index.html\".*Character "
end pollHTML

on getContenders()
	"| sed -ne 's/<input.*>\\(.*\\)<br>/\\1/p'"
end getContenders

on getPollNumber()
	"| sed -ne 's/.*\\/poll\\/index.html.poll.\\(....\\).*/\\1/p'"
end getPollNumber

on postForm(choice, pollId)
	"curl -d opt=" & choice & " -d poll=" & pollId & " [url=]"[/url]
end postForm

on viewResults(pollId)
	"curl [url=]"[/url] & pollId
end viewResults

on parseResults()
	"| grep 'TOTAL.VOTES' | perl -pe 's/<.*?>/ /g'"
end parseResults

on stitchResults(results)
	results's item 1 & "	" & results's item 2 & "%	" & results's item 3 & ¬
" & results's item 4 & "	" & results's item 5 & "%	" & result's item 6 & ¬
" & results's item 7 & "	" & results's item 8 & ":	" & results's item 9
end stitchResults