Gather Mac inormation

Hi All,

I want to develop one script to gather all information about installed application in my Mac. For example, my system is having quarkxpress, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. I want to collect the User Name, Name of the Application & Key number of that application in a text file.

Is it possible, then please let me know.



user name and application name is no problem,
but the keys are normally not displayed or stored as plain text in a preference file.

For instance, it’s impossible the get the key of Microsoft Office

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the reply. But if you will click on About Word by pressing Option key then it will show you the product id and the same thing will happen with the all application. I think with the help of shell command we can get it, but I don’t know shell command.

Any way I will try, because my IT people need it. They installed application without tracking and now they want to track it. So, they want a consolidated report of which system is having which application and with which serial number.


Yes, it will show you the product id, but this is not the serial number.
The about window can be customized, so sometimes you have just a text field, e.g. Script Debugger has a box with three tabs,
some applications show the serial number, some not. You need almost one routine for each application and you would’t get the numbers reliably

I don’t think even with one per app it’s possible. Using UI Browser, for example, I looked at the “About Eudora” dialog on which the registration number shows visually but the text of the box is not UI accessible. All that shows in UIBrowser are four buttons (one of which isn’t visible in the dialog), but not any of the dialog text from which to extract a value. I think you’d find that that was often the case.