GCC compile script

I am looking for a simple way to drop a C-code text file (app.c) onto a script so that it will strip off the ‘.c’ and compile it with GCC. I think I am having problems because I can’t seem to get the POSIX path correct.

  • gcc -0 app app.c


This seems to work pretty well.

on open dropped_item
	set this_POSIX to POSIX path of dropped_item
	set shell_cmd to "gcc -o " & (text 1 thru -3 of this_POSIX) & " " & this_POSIX
	tell application "Terminal"
		set myTab to do script shell_cmd
		repeat until (myTab's history contains shell_cmd)
			delay 1
		end repeat
		repeat while (myTab's busy)
			delay 1
		end repeat
		close (first window) saving no
	end tell
end open

Skip Terminal:

on open fileList
	repeat with aFile in fileList
		set posixPath to POSIX path of aFile
		do shell script "gcc -o " & quoted form of (text 1 thru -3 of posixPath) & space & quoted form of posixPath
	end repeat
end open