General Platform Questions

: Well, here’s a bit of guidance: ---- 1. AppleScript Studio isn’t bundled or
: pre-installed. You’ll need to get a copy of Apple Developer Tools December
: 2001. That’s the most recent full install. Then there’s an update for last
: month. To get it, you’ll just need to register as an online member of ADC.
: Apple Developer Connection. It’s free. (Click on
: “Join ADC Now”) Once you’re on board, you can download all of
: this.
: ---- 2. As for your old scripts working in X, well, there are a couple of
: variables here. Scripting in OS X will have some significant changes to
: what you’re used to. One, naturally, the app you’re trying to script will
: need to be scriptable. You knew that. The next, you’ll need to look into
: possible changes in the X scripting implementation for your script. Some
: syntax will have changed. You’ll just need to debug and root out what
: parts need changing to work properly. This is just a necessary evil of
: migrating to X. Particularly from a scripter’s viewpoint.
: It’ll also help being part of ADC to get the 2 recent beta AppleScript udates
: which aren’t yet available to the public. These have fixed quite a few
: AppleScript kinks most of us have run into during our transition. Whether
: you’re still primarily 9 or X. Just keep in mind, some may be bugs to be
: fixed, others may just be changes you’ll have to work around or learn the
: new way.
: ---- 3. There are only a handful of OS X scripting additions out there so
: far. You can naturally check the MacScripter database to see what they
: are.
: ---- 4. As for Smile, it’ll naturally have to be X native to use it in X. As
: I understand it, scripting in 9 Classic MODE should work as expected
: most of the time, but don’t be surprised if it’s hit and miss. I boot to 9
: completely to script 9 and I boot to X completely to script X. This has
: been most reliable for me.
: I hope this information helps and feel free to post again if you need
: further.
: Be well.
: T.J.
Thank you for a most thorough reply. This info should come in quite handy when the new machine arrives.
Brad Bumgarner