General Question on AppleScript and MySQL

I have a general question with regard to Applescript and the use of MySQL database.
I currently have a script which automates the loading of files from removable media (CDs, Zips, etc.,) to one of twenty different server volumes. The script creates a masterList of every file contained on the disk (captures the file structure of the disk as {“foldername:filename”}) prior to initiating copy of the first file in the list. I would like to capture this list into MySQL–in effect, catalog the disk. Can anyone offer any general information–resources, books, documentation, etc., on how I might begin to go about accomplishing this task? I’m in need of a starting point.
The tasks would include: 1) Getting the masterList into a MySQL database. How do I get them to communicate? Is another scripting language required? Each item in the masterList would be contained in its own, unique record.
2) From the database, the script would need to acquire the highest integer from a disk I.D. field, located in a disk table, add 1 to that integer and then ouput that information on a label (I’ll need to figure out how to script printing of a label printer) to be attached to the disk upon completion of copy.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.