Generate Message ID to RFC-822

Hi All,

I am using to send email via Python.

However sent emails go to Spam due to not having a unique message id generated.

In the header on Gmail I get

This is only because Google is kind enough to generate a code if the email doesnt have one, however most places will not generate it.

There are some Python solutions like “make_msgid()” but I do not know how to implement that in the code

So after all that I have 2 questions:

How can I implement make_msgid() using python OR
How can I generate a UNIQUE message ID using applescript that conforms to RFC-822 standards

I know this is not a Python forum but I was hoping that some of the Mac gurus out there may be able to help.

Thanks you!

SOLVED: I installed sendemail via home brew. No muss, no fuss.