Get column from excel, copy and move files. Possible or not?

Is it possible to create a script that will read information from an excel file, and use that information to copy files from one folder, and distribute them into different folders using copy and paste?

I’m not looking for free code, and I am willing to pay if necessary.

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I would first like to know if it is even possible.

Note that I am neither an AppleScript nor an Excel expert, but It is possible to get information from open excel tables, for example

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
get text of first Cell
end tell

In fact opening Excel’s dictionary reveals that there are a ton of commands and classes so I imagine it would be flexible enough to allow you to accomplish your goal of reading information from an open excel file. However, reading the contents of an excel file without opening excel may be really difficult.


The excel file contains 3 columns
Column A is the file name
Column B is the “Move to folder A” checklist
Column C is the “Move to folder B” checklist

The applescript needs to read the file name (Column A) from excel, find it in a single folder containing all files, read which column (Column B or C) relative to file name (Column A) is checked, and then copy and paste the file into the appropriate folder, then go on to the next row in excel file.

Does that sound possible? It seems straight forward to me but you never know.

Thanks for any input.

I would refere you to this thread which discusses file management with excel. They also recommend using tab delimited files since applescript could read them with out excel. The file management actions you desire are certainly within the realm of AppleScript’s abilities.