Get contents of object with Script Label in InDesign


I can get a contents of object on a page tagged with Script Label command.

set myCode to (contents of every page item of page 1 whose label is “article_code”)

But I need to do this on a cell. Ho I can do this getting the contents of a cell named “article_code” in a table that can be different page by page?
On the table only one cell have the label “article_code” but the cell can be in different positions (rows and columns).


I have an older version of ID here, but if you can set and read the label in ID in your version, you should be able to call the properties “ it may include the label … :

properties of cell 1 of table 1 of text frame 1

If not:
a workaround could be to add a small rectangle to the cell …
the contents should return something simular to this:

--should be part of the properties ...
contents:"Some text<FFFC>"