Get doc_id from a google doc

Anyone know how to get the doc_id of a google doc file from google drive, without opening the file in a web browser?


Google search gave me…

That’s interesting, I never saw that. Any chance you know how to write any apple script to select a file, based on its path, and then using the right click to select ‘copy link to keyboard’ option that google has? I can not seem to script this.

I’m not sure why do you like to extract a file ID ??

I am trying to load it into a FileMaker web viewer.

The target files is http urls so you need to find a way to access whose.
I believe Google drive could be installed on main computer but also access in a browser.
Its little difficult to know if you need JavaScript or something else to extract whose.

You could check NPM or PyPi maybe there is someone who have made 99% of what you need.

Not sure what either of those are. If I can click the copy link to clipboard with a right click on the file, shouldn’t there be a way hit that with an apple script?

Maybe, do you know how to script AppleScript ??

I do not have Google drive so it would be difficult for me.
Any way I think this would be a better solution and do it in JavaScript