Get formatted data from data cells

I am in the process of creating a simple Invoice application for my wife’s side business. Commercial apps are overkill for her needs. I have set up a document-based ASS project with an Input window and an Output window.

The Input window has three tables (for materials, labor, payments received) using data sources. At least one column in each of these tables has a formatter attached to it to display values in dollar amounts.

I need to take this data and transfer it to my Output window. This window is the invoice that will be output to a printer. I have 4 text fields fields that I am using as columns for the itemized portion of the invoice. If I attach a formatter to the text fields that contain the dollar amounts from the Input window, nothing is added to those text fields. If I use the data as supplied from the data sources, I get only decimal numbers without any dollar formatting.

I know how to get fomatted data from a text field (using obj-c calls) but I can’t get the same routine to work for tables. This is the code that I use for text fields:

to GetTextString(theField)
	set theValue to the content of theField
	set theFormatter to call method "formatter" of object theField
	set theString to call method "stringForObjectValue:" of object theFormatter with parameter theValue
	return theString
end GetTextString

What do I need to do to get this to work for data cells of a data source?

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA