Get kind of QuickTime Movie fromiTunes

iTunes has the ability to pull the kind field for any media tpe it supports natively.

With a QuickTime plugin, iTunes can play other files, but shows the kind as “QuickTime Movie File”.

Is there a good applescript method to determine the kind that QuickTime can return?

There is a list at the “Info.plist” file inside of the “QuickTime” package. Just search such file for any “CFBundleTypeName” (though not very descriptive most of times…). You can associate it to its “CFBundleTypeExtensions” or (if no such entry) its “CFBundleTypeOSTypes”.

Hmm, I will try a better phasing of the question.

I have an Ogg File which can play in iTunes via a QuickTime plugin. iTunes tells me the kind is “QuickTime movie file”. If I look in the QuickTime player can see that the format is “Ogg Vorbis, Stereo 44100 Hz”.

Is there an easy way where by just knowing the filename (from the iTunes location) that I can determine what the QuickTime format is (in the middle of a script)?