Get Mail when a key is hit?

I have my home Mail set up with rules to sort every incoming mail into specific mail folders (i.e. one for each client) . Because of this, my actual “Inbox” stays fairly empty.

If I get an email from a client, it gets sent to their folder and is moved from my Inbox. Because my iphone doesn’t have all those specific folders, it doesn’t see these emails. It only sees my “Inbox”

So, I want to turn off “automatically get mail”'s time interval and check my mail manually when I am at my desk but I would still like to “get mail” without having to go click on the button (or key commands) in the mail program.

Is there a script that will trigger get mail each time I hit a certain key? For instance, if I am gone, my mail won’t be received. If I am home and I hit the spacebar, “Get Mail” will run in the background.

Hopefully I am making sense :slight_smile:

thanks for any help or suggestions you have,
cindy in indy