Get name of default printer

I need to have the name of the default printer in my script. But I didn’t find anyway to do that. I saw that the printer service manager is scriptable. I tried the following thing :

tell application "Gestion Services d'impression" -- (I'm fench user)
set printername to name of desktop printer as text
end tell

The finder give me back an apple events timeout error. On certain Mac the extension Service print manager isn’t load, I need also to run the script on this Mac. I don’t know if this can be a problem…
Thanks for your help
Have everyone a nive day

J-B and Sebastien,
For some reason this does not always work. I as using this (also in OSX):

tell application "Print Center"
set pr1 to (current printer)
get name of pr1
end tell

Bonne nuit,
Eelco Houwink

First when I tried to get the name of the default printer, I had an error because they were no desktop printer selected, when i activated a desktop printer every thing went back in order.
Jean-Baptiste LE STANG