Get name of non-running application when I know bundle identifier?

If I know the bundle identifier of an application (for example, how do I get the actual name of the application (TextEdit)?

When my script runs, the application will probably not be running, so I can’t get the name from a list of processes.

I am asking because I am writing a script which tests for the presence of various AppleScript applications, and it’s possible that the user has changed the name of one or more of the applications. I want to present the user with a list of these applications (if they are present).

Thanks for any help.

To answer my own question, in case anyone else is looking for it:

tell application "Finder" to get name of application file id "com.someone.something"

A simple:

name of application id ""

should do – no need to involve the Finder.

Yes, that works. Thank you!