Get NIB Names

Looks like I waited too long to post this project. The “open source” forum has been taken out of action. I needed to get another project finished first though.

ANYWAY, I have written code that will allow me to get the name of every named object in an ASS project. I can get every name and class of every object in every window and drawer in a NIB file. Unfortunately this is where my know-how ends. I can currently only get this info in my test project. When I run the app, the information for this app is gathered and stored in a list:

{{name, class}, {name, class}, {name, class}, …, {name, class}}

What I would like to do is have this code set up as an Xcode plug-in; gather the data for the currently open project; add that data to the current project (formatted or not). Example formatting:

Main window I FileName text field I theDate date picker
Designer text field I theColors text field I thePrinters popup button
Client text field I theFonts text field I Create button
JobNumber text field I theLinks text field I Cancel button

I have always found it very useful to have this information near the top of every script file in a project for quick reference. I have also always found it tedious to write the info down (while in IB) and input it into the project in Xcode.

I don’t know how to turn my code into a usable Xcode plug-in nor do I know the best way for this to work on projects other than the one I have written. Once (if) this is completed, it will be made available thru this site to anyone that wants it. No cost.

If anyone is interested in working on completing this project, please contact me at or post a reply here.

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA