Get "Open with" list for a file?

I’m writing a script that will ask the user which application he/she wants to use to open a newly-created file. The file will be in either DOC, RTF, or PDF format. I know how to learn the default application for a file type, but I don’t know how to find the list of applications when you ctrl-click a file and select Open With… - and I would like to offer the user that list of applications to choose from.

Is there any way to determine the “Open with” list for a file type, and coerce it into a list that the user can choose from?

Thank you for any help;.

I wrote you a small command line program (called AllApplications) to give you a list of applications for a file. You can find it here. On the web page is an example applescript to help you use it.

Perfect!! Thank you!

Glad to help. :slight_smile: