Get property of another script

First of all, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how to do this.

I have a script saved as an applet. This script has some properties. I want to see what the current values of those properties are. I tried:

tell app “MyApplet”
return pTheProp
end tell

Didn’t work. I tried putting | (pipe) around pTheProp. Didn’t work. I tried putting chevrons around pTheProp. Couldn’t remember how to get that to compile («property pTheProp», «class pTheProp», etc). Any help?

I guess I should’ve said that I don’t want to change the applet, because that would destroy the property values. I need to get the currently stored property values with another script.

tell app "MyApplet"
    return its pTheProp
end tell

Holy carp. It was so simple. I should be banished from ever writing AppleScript again. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: