get server address to a mounted volume

Does anybody knows a way how I can get the server address (ip or name) from where a volume has been mounted?
e.g I read a image path out from a XPress picture box and get thisVolume/thisFolder/thisFile.
I want to check, if theVolume is mounted and should mount it, if it’s not available.
To mount it, I need the host of theVolume. The Finder or System Events couldn’s give me that info.

Any ideas?


to find the host try this in terminal if the disk is mounted(if its a windows share)

if not just look through the result of the command
the servers address will be under foreign address

to work out if its mounted this will do the trick

if (list disks) contains "SHARE NAME" then
	display dialog "Already Mounted"
	mount volume "smb://server_ip or name/sharename"
end if

OK, with this I have all recent Servers. But I still missing the relation to the mounted Volume.

I have also been looking for this solution without much success. We work off of an UNIX server and mount our volumes as AFP via HELIOS Ethershare. I can find the IP address of AFP servers using:

do shell script "netstat -n|grep '.548'|tr -s ' '|cut -d ' ' -f 5|sed 's/\\(.*\\)\\..*/\\1/'"

But this does not connect the name of a particular server volume to an IP address. It is not unusual to have 5 different servers mounted and 6 or 7 volumes of those servers. What is really nasty is when there are two server volumes on different servers with the same name.