Get subtitle added to VLC

I’m trying to figure out how to get the name a/o path of a subtitle manually added to a playing video in VLC ” to no avail.

I checked /Applications/ -H huge amount of options but there doesn’t seem to be an option to pull this.

Any ideas?

Note to self.

-- ps ax | awk '/[V]LC/{print $1}' | xargs lsof -p | grep -e /.*srt -o | sed -e "s/.*/'&'/"

do shell script "ps ax | awk '/[V]LC/{print $1}' | xargs lsof -p | grep -e /.*srt -o | sed -e \"s/.*/'&'/\""

Gets the quoted paths of subtitles added to current video in VLC.

But I suppose I can use it to get files opened by other applications too, that have no interface to pull them from.