Get text from .txt file

Hey guys, I am new to forum. Can’t wait to help! :slight_smile:

Anyways, I have an application with ApplescriptObjC (Cocoa) in Xcode. I was wondering how to fetch raw .txt from my website. The idea is that I use cPanel to create a .txt at [] This would allow me to edit it at my will. I have Webkit.framework installed to my project. I want it to fetch the .txt file, line by line, each line making a list.

Now, in theory, the .txt file is:

when the script fetches this, I want it to make a list

{"Headline 1", "Headline 2", "Headline 3"}


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You can download a text file from a website and get its paragraphs with

set theSource to do shell script "curl"
set theLines to paragraphs of theSource

This is PERFECT. Thanks so much man…