Get the IP address of a mounted server

Anyone know if we can get this in OSX?

Looking at the dictionaries for System events, Finder and Standard additions i can seem to find any syntax for this.

i have a Mounted volume and i just want the corresponding IP address of that share point.

Anyone have a clue?


The might be able to help…

netstat -r

from there you could use “grep” and “awk” to list just the addresses you want to see.

Thanks, but netstat wont list the mounted volumes IP address. OS9 used to have the IP address in the comments, but OSX doesnt.

I’m looking into mount_afp and other ways, but this is going to require some time to man

niutil can do this.

do shell script "niutil  -list  . /mounts"

This will return the IP number and the mount name

thanks. unfortunatley that comes up with no resuts.

i came up with this

set myVar to do shell script "netstat -a | grep afpov | cut -f 17 -d ' ' -s"

which works, you justy ned to then do some masaging of the data