Get the nth item in a NSIndexSet ?


NSIndexSet is perfect to store my object IDs: always sorted, single occurrence of an ID, in brief I don’t want anything else. BUT…

I display my IndexSet in a tableView. So I need to return the nth item of the IndexSet when called for.

Is it possible to do this, or must I write something like:

on tableView_objectValueForTableColumn_row_(aTableView, aColumn, aRow)
    if aColumn is gIDColumn then
        return myIndex's indexGreaterThanIndex_(<retrieve the integer of the previous row>)
        return somethingElse
    end if
end tableView_objectValueForTableColumn_row_

Is it possible, for example, to coerce the NSIndexSet into an AS list, which can find an nth item?

I surrender : I’m back to NSMutableArray, its sorting utility using “compare:” is just one line of code. :confused: