GetSource in Opera

tell application “Opera”
GetURL “
set theSource to GetSource

When I run this, the page loads perfectly but I get “Opera got an error: Can’t continue GetSource.”

getSource is in Opera’s dictionnary in Microsoft Internet Explorer Suite.

  1. Why this name “Microsoft Internet Explorer Suite.”?
  2. “Can’t continue GetSource.” is the same kind of error you usually get when calling a local subroutine & you forget to put “my” in front .
    Can it be related ?
  3. Is there another way to get the source in Opera? It seem I can’t use curl. A password is sent that is in a cookie.

I’m new to Applescript. Someone has or can point me to exemples of scripts specifically for Opera. I’m using Opera 9.01

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I think that Opera is effectively unscriptable - I can’t get it to do any of the things in any of it’s internal command structure.

I see in their forum, the answer to (probably) your question:

Opera currently has limited AppleScript support so it might be a command that is not supported.

I couldn’t find any commands of interest that were supported.