Getting a window to "stick" to a cursor, ala Minor

I’m new to Applescript and would like to know if it’s even possible to do this handy usability improvment that I use in KDE and apply it to OS X using Applescript:

On my linux box, when I move windows, I don’t click and drag window title bars, but I place my mouse ANYWHERE in the window, it receives focus ala X-windows, I hold down a keyboard shortcut or mouse btn 3, move my cursor and the window “sticks” to it, release the keyboard shortcut or mouse btn 3, and drop the window somewhere else.

In KDE, I just have to assign the “window move” as a shortcut and it’s a done deal. Not so with OS X tho since you can’t even map “window move.”

It’s kinda like a Minority Report effect and it’s a really fast way of working. You dig through your windows pretty fast. Imagine how much time/mistakes you waste trying to click on that thin title bar.

Any advice is appreciated!