Getting an AppleScript droplet to appear on the "Open With" menu?

I’ve written a few AppleScript droplets which I’ve compiled and stored as Application Bundles. I want them to show up on the “Open With” menu inside of “Get Info” under Leopard, but they never show up.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Select “Get Info” for a given file.

  2. Get into the “Open With” menu.

  3. Select “Other…”.

  4. Navigate to the AppleScript droplet and highlight it.

  5. Click on the “Add” button.

  6. Close the “Get Info” panel.

From that point forward, the given file indeed will be opened with my AppleScript droplet, but that droplet never appears on the “Open With” menu for any other files of the same type. This means I always have to go through this six-step scenario in order to cause a given file to be opened with my droplet.

Apparently, there’s something about the way that AppleScript creates these Application Bundles that prevents macosx from putting references to them on the “Open With” menu under the above scenario.

Do any of you know how to create a compiled AppleScript droplet Application Bundle that will end up on the “Open With” menu for a given file type after being selected there once for that file type?

Thanks in advance.


the “open with” menu is controlled by launch services, which considers file creator 4-letter code, bundle identifiers and specified file extensions.
An AppleScript application has a generic file creator code (or none) and a generic bundle identifier, so it isn’t taken seriously by launch services.

You could add or change the specified information in info.plist in the application bundle

Thank you.

I have made the changes you suggest by using the following shell script which was suggested by someone else and modified slightly by me:

After running the script against the Application Bundle, I still have the same problem. Are there certain 4-letter file creator codes that I have to use or that I must not use? I called mine “RQTA”, which is unique on my system.