getting animator to recognize a file

I just started using Automator and everything was fine until I ran into this. I appreciate the future help.
I’m running a program that records video (security system) every 2 minutes. What it does is that it creates a .unf file and converts it to a .mov file when it’s done.
What I need to do is to get that file, export it to a different quicktime format (to make it smaller) and move it to a different folder on the network. The files are located in the following folders, Main>Client folders>date of recording folder.
It works if I drop a file on any folders but when my security software finishes converting the file to an .mov Automator does not recognize it.
Below are my Automator actions if you need to see it.

  1. Get Specified Finder items
  2. Get Folder Contents (repeat for each subfolder found checked)
  3. Get Specified Movies
  4. Open Finder Items
  5. Quicktime Export
  6. Quit Application
    I have some more actions but just to move the original file to a different folder.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.