Getting data from Combo box

I have a combo box named “ComboA” but not sure how to read the user selection.

I tried ‘set var1 to objectValueOfSelectedItem of combo box “ComboA”’ which obviously is wrong. Any tips how to or better still where to find a reference on the objects?

I have tried but not able to get much I understand.


Model: IMac G5 (Gen 1)
AppleScript: XCode 2.5
Browser: Safari 525.18
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


the document you’re referring to is a part of the cocoa (Obj-C) library, take a look at the equivalent of the AppleScript Studio documentation
Control View Suite

the code to get the value of the selected item is something like

set theValue to contents of combo box "ComboA" of window "main"

Thanks for that. :slight_smile: