Getting data from multiple docs...

This involves 2 AS-S apps. App A is used to collect data on a weekly basis (payroll-type info, hours worked, etc.). This data is written to disk using the data representation handler. I like this because 1) it’s easy, I don’t have to really do anything and 2) it keeps the data ‘secure’ from the casual prying eyes. The data is stored as a list of lists and is therefore not plain text.

App B needs to be able to open 2 of these files at a time, placing the data into 2 tables (one for each file). The problem I’m running into is (as I understand it) both load data representation and read from file grab the data and open a new window. I just need to be able to read the contents of the files.

App B is currently a doc-based app, though it doesn’t really need to be. (I originally set it up as such, thinking I could use one of the handlers mentioned above. That was before I realized those handlers opened up new documents).

Is there a way to read the contents of the files (I know the document type) without opening new windows? Perhaps a call method?

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

OK, I must be wearing an “Idiot-Cap” or something! I changed App A to use the read from file and write to file handlers, reading/writing the data as lists. The files are now text files but still can’t be easily read by the casual onlooker.

App B uses the read command from Standard Additions and reads the files as lists. Works like a charm.

Now if I could only figure out how to remove this damn cap! :lol:

Brad Bumgarner, CTA