Getting filenames of added_items of a folder action

Hey everybody…

I’ve been messing around with the “add - new item alert” script trying to get the filenames of the items that are added and listing them in the in the alert message.

I’m not even sure what syntax to use to get the filenames of the added items…

If someone could give me a clue, i’ll go with it and post an actual snippet. Any help would be appreciated.



here is the end of Apple’s original script

if user_choice is "Yes" then
	tell application "Finder"
		--go to the desktop 
		--open the folder
		open this_folder
		--select the items
		reveal the added_items
	end tell
end if

replace it with

if user_choice is "Yes" then
	set itemList to ""
	repeat with this_item in added_items
		set itemList to itemList & (name of (info for this_item) & return)
	end repeat
	display dialog itemList
end if